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Box Spanner Wrench for Passap Machines
Box Spanner Wrench for Passap Machines
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Box Spanner for Passap Machines - Box spanners are known as nut drivers in North America. The extra long shaft fits easily into the back of the machine so you won't skin your knuckles. There is no flare on the end of the tool. A tool with a flare will make it difficult or impossible to reach the nut as it is recessed in the bed. The handle is designed to prevent the tool from rolling away and it is easier to hold.
Choose the correct size: DM 80 and E6000 choose 5.5 mm. If you have a Pink (Duo 5) Passap, choose 6.0 mm. The 10 mm is handy for the large nuts that hold the 3000a motor to the stand and for adjusting the stripper alignment, however, you can alternately use an adjustable wrench.
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