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Blocking Wire Set

Blocking Wire Set
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Name: Blocking Wire Set
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The purpose of using the blocking wire set is to block your knitted masterpiece in order to uncurl and form your work to enhance the beauty of the garment you created. The proper fit, sizing and drape are created this way. The wires are semi-rigid so you are able to form subtle curves such as at the waist area and in fitted sleeves.
The blocking wire set will make your blocking experience much faster, easier and more enjoyable. The old fashioned way leaves you with the scalloped edges you get with just pins! Using just pins makes sewing up more difficult and the knitting is distorted along the seam edges.

Your Blocking Wire Set contains the following:  The kit includes: 15 stainless steel wires in three sizes - (6-35.5", 6-19.5" and 3 flexible 37.5"), 20 T-Pins and a measuring tape. Ships in a PVC tube which is extremely durable.

We would also like to recommend our book, Blocking For Everyone. A definitive guide to blocking and using blocking wires effectively.


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