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Passap Battery for E6000

Passap E6000 Battery

Passap Battery for E6000 Console

This is a lithium battery that can be found on the underside of the circuit board of the Passap E6000 console. It must be soldered into position after removing the old battery.

To do this, unplug the console. Remove the 4 screws holding the back on the console. When inside, remove all the screws including the 4 long screws in the transformer. The circuit board will not come out if a screw has been missed. You may need to unplug the connection to the card scanner.

On the hidden side of the circuit board, you will find the battery. Locate the solder points on the other side of the board. Use a toothpick wedged under the batter itself to pull it away from the board as you heat each solder point. When one point is done, you can pull gently on the old battery while heating the remaining point to remove it.

Position the new battery in the old holes. The prongs might not fit into the holes until the solder is softened. Position the board with the battery underneath in position. Heat each solder point with the soldering iron until the prongs slip into position. You may need to use a little electronic component type solder. DO NOT use plumbers solder.

Reassemble the console.