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Brother Row Counter for Bulky Gauge

Brother Row Counter for Bulky Gauge

Brother row counter for the Bulky Machine - The Brother row counter for the bulky machine counts the passes of the carriage across the bed. It saves you from having to count the rows in your head. Since we are easily distracted and loose count, this is a really good thing to have working for you. This row counter fits any model Brother knitting machine with the exception of some of the very old models.
The row counter on most machines, including Brother machines, are simply pushed forward to remove it from the bed. Setting the row counter onto the two screw heads and pushing towards the back of the machine will set it into the correct position.
Here's a hint if your row counter is acting up: Look at the row count tripper on the carriage of your machine. Is it loose or wiggles? If it does, you need to turn over the carriage. If you look directly under the row count tripper you will see two nuts. These come loose every once in a long while. Tighten them up and see if the counter works properly again. These are metric nuts so you might not have a nut driver that fits tightly, but you should be able to get them tight again.