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cleaning brush

cleaning brush
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Name: cleaning brush
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Cleaning Brush - (May not be exactly as shown). Everyone needs a cleaning brush for their knitting machine. The lint accumulates behind the sinker posts and a flat cleaning brush is just the thing to get it out of the way so it doesn't transfer to the knitting. This brush will fit into the small tools compartment of your knitting machine. Keeping your knitting machine clear of lint will optimize it's performance. The cleaning brush will keep the sinker post lint from creaping back into the body of the machine where it will accumulat in the area behind the sponge bar. Keeping your machine lint free is impossible, but minimizing problems cause by link packing into the needle channels and lint getting into and under the cams on your carriage is something you can influence. Just use the cleaning brush whenever you notice lint accumulating under the needle hooks on the number strip. Take a moment to vacuum you machine with the duster brush when doing housework. The crevis tool will help get the lint out from under the carriage cams.


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