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Artisan 245 Standard Gauge 4.5 mm Knitting Machine
Artisan 245 Standard Gauge 4.5 mm Knitting Machine
Serial Number: 245 km
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The Artisan 245 Standard Gauge Knitting Machine is a 4.5 mm knitting machine (standard gauge) comes with a set of punch cards used on either the main knitting machine bed and the ribber. This machine is very much like the SK-280 except the ribber is included in the price! You save $645 (the cost of the ribber).
There are a great number of stitch types to choose from: Fair Isle (Knit-in), Single Motif, Punch Lace, Tuck, Slip, Knit Weaving, and Plating. There are 20 pre-punched cards with the machine.
The ribbing attachment comes with a complete set of weights and combs along with a manual to help you make a large variety of ribbed fabrics including ribbing, half-fisherman's rib, racked ribbing, double jacquard (preferred for afghans) and many more textured fabrics. Tubular knitting is possible with the ribber. You can make scarves, hats, socks, mittens and much more.
This machine uses a coned yarn machine knitters call "4-ply yarn". This is roughly equivalent to fingering weight hand knitting yarn, although it is usually a little finer. Knitting machine "3-ply yarn" is finer still and is used for double jacquard. A type of knitting where there are no strings on the back of the knitting because the ribber knits them into a fabric.
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