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Bulky transfer tool, latch tool, needle selector, tools 9mm
Bulky transfer tool, latch tool, needle selector, tools 9mm
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Bulky transfer tool, latch tool, needle selector, for all 9mm knitting machines - These are all the little tools that you usually find on the floor at some point. Except every once in a while you can't find it at all. That knitting machine gremlin has struck again! Now you need a new one. Here is the bulky transfer tool selection, needle selector (pusher) and of course the always handy latch tool. Choose from the pull down list, however, here are your choices:
A - Needle selector tool 1:1 setting
B - Transfer Tool 1 x 3 prongs
C - Transfer Tool 2 x 3 prongs (OUT OF STOCK)
D - Transfer Tool 1 x 2 prongs
E - Latch tool
They're all the same price. The needle selector (pusher) tool fits the Brother machines so you don't have to worry about it being too low. It also makes needle selection on the Silver Reed, etc. easier because it won't catch the tops of the needle butts.
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