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KX350/KH400 Replacement Needle
KX350/KH400 Replacement Needle
Serial Number: kx350needle
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PRICE IS FOR ONE REPLACEMENT NEEDLE: Replacement Needle for the Brother KX350 or Brother KH400 plastic bed knitting machine - If you own a Brother KX350 or Brother KH400 plastic bed knitting machine, this is the replacment needle for your machine. To put in the replacement needle, push the broken needle forward to hold position. CLOSE the latch! Failure to close the latch will damage your sponge strip. Push the needle back slightly. Push the needle on either side of the broken needle to hold position. Lift the tips of these two needles up as far as they will go. This lifts the sponge up over the broken needle. While holding the needle up, carefully pull UP and back on the broken needle butt to remove it from the machine. Pull off the plastic roller on the broken needle and replace it on the new needle. OPEN the latch on the new needle. Lifting up on t he two needles in hold, slide the OPEN latch needle into the empty slot and gently push it forward into hold position until the needle is back in the slot. Push all needles back to non-working position. You're done.
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