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4.5 mm Blank Punch Card 10 Pack

4.5 mm Blank Punch Card 10 Pack
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Name: 4.5 mm Blank Punch Card 10 Pack
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4.5 mm Blank Punch Cards 10 per package - These blank punch cards fit both Brother, Studio, Artisan and most other 4.5 mm Japanese style knitting machines. There are 7 pattern rows below Row 1 printed on the punch card. When positioning the pattern for your particular knitting machine, be sure that you line up your pattern on the punch card so that the punched holes for row 1 are the correct number of rows below the printed number 1 on the side of the card. Cards are white with green printing. Numbered rows from 1 to 54. There are 60 rows available to punch your pattern on.
These blank punch cards are the heavier weight type that resists bending and warping making them more durable and less likely to malfunction in the machine.
Hint: If you accidentally make a punching mistake you can repair the error. Take one of the punched out circles from the hole puncher. Grab some red or colored nail polish and a straight pin. Shake the polish, uncap it so it's ready to use. Place the card over a piece of glass or flat china. Something non-absorbent. Position the punched out piece on the hole. Use the straight pin to fine tune it into position. Once it's there, hold it with the pin and put a minimum amount of nail polish around the cut edge of the hole. Hold it for a few seconds to let the polish harden a little. This will join it together again. When you go to use the card, it's easy to check the red spots in case the hole fell out again. It doesn't usually, but it's easy to check where the polish was dabbed.


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