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Punch Card Punch

Punch Card Punch
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Name: Punch Card Punch
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Punch Card Punch - This punch card puncher is used for 24 stitch punch cards. Transfer your punch card design to the blank punch card. There is a little point on the cutter in the punch card puncher that you position in the tiny hole of the card. Squeeze the trigger and the hole is punched. If you make a mistake and punch out the wrong hole, take one of the round pieces that collect in the non-breakable reservoir on the puncher. Position it in the incorrect hole. You might want to take a toothpick to hold it there for the next step. Take some red colored nail polish and dab on a tiny bit to glue the center back into the hole. Use red nail polish (or something similar) so you can see where you made the repair. When you go to use the card, check the red spots incase the hole came away from the card. This doesn't usually happen, but it's a great way to make sure.


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