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Standard Gauge Ravel Cord

Standard Gauge Ravel Cord

Standard Gauge Ravel Cord: Use ravel cord when you want to knit one row between waste yarn and main yarn so you can easily remove the waste yarn. Ravel cord also prevents fiber transfer from the waste yarn to the main yarn. You can also use it to knit needles back to non-working position to short row lace or to protect the main yarn from the brushes on the sinker plate temporarily.
Pull out the ravel cord when finished knitting and the waste yarn just falls off. This is a nylon cord that is slippery. To remove it from the knitting, pick out the first and last few stitches of cord and pull. It comes away easily. This is the standard gauge style designed for use on any standard gauge knitting machine or for hand knitting with lighter weight yarn. Five 10 foot lengths in five colors.