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Lace Weight or Pin Claw Weight

Lace Weight or Pin Claw Weight

Lace Weight or Pin Claw Weight: The Lace Weight or Pin Claw Weight is about the same weight as a regular claw weight. You can attach a claw weight to the middle of this weight for extra weight. You can even get a ribber weight to hold in the hole.
These weights are the same width as the triangular lace weights. What is different is that there is a built-in weight. The weight is distributed over a 6 inch width giving you more control. The pin claws are very sharp and go into the knitting with extreme ease so they are a breeze to attach and won't pull the stitches or the sides of the knitting out of shape. They are easy to move up the knitting as necessary. They are also a good width for hanging on the center neck of a sweater when you are short rowing the shoulder area. You will want to have a pair of these handy weights close by your knitting machine!