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70D and 70D plus Needle Position Tape Set

70D and 70D plus Needle Position Strip Two Tape Set

Needle Position Tape for 70D or 70D Plus
Suitable for the 70D+ or 70D, the needle position strip or tape comes in a two-tape set. One tape is designed for the knitter bed. The second tape is designed to replace the ribber bed tape.
You need to replace your needle position tape when it get's ragged. This is caused by needle wear along the top of the tape. To remove the old tape, push out the sponge bar (needle retention bar) on the bed that has the ragged tape. Remove the old needle position tape by pulling it out from under the needles. This is a good time to take the brush that came with your machine for cleaning out between the needles and give it the once over. To place the new tape, tuck it down it carefully in behind the needles. Make sure it's centered before replacing the sponge bar. This is an easy repair anyone can do! Order your new needle position tape set for the 70D or 70 Plus today!