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Brother Bulky 9.0 Sponge Bar or Needle Retainer Bar

Brother BULKY 9.0mm Sponge Bar or Needle Retainer Bar

Brother 9.0 BULKY Needle Retainer Bar or Sponge Bar for Main Bed and Ribber

The sponge bar manufacturer now makes a one-size sponge bar to fit both the standard gauge brother punch card and electronic knitting machines. There is no longer a different length sponge bar for the punch card and electronic machines. The new sponge bar fits both types of machines perfectly.
We have a large assortment of sponge bars. Choose the size sponge bar (also known as needle retainer bar) that is suitable for your Brother machine. We also have the sponge bar for the Brother bulky gauge ribber. See the chart below.
If you would like to have a sponge bar in your ribber to hold the needles more firmly in place, choose the sponge bar that fits your main bed. For example, if you have a Brother standard gauge (4.5 mm) electronic knitting machine or 4.5mm punch card machine, the same sponge bar will also fit in the ribber replacing the plastic needle retainer bar. Using a sponge bar in the ribber is a popular option because the needles are more secure and won't slip down as easily. This does not apply to the Brother Bulky Ribber as it has its own sponge bar. It's shorter than the main bed sponge bar.
Please Note: The Brother Bulky Ribber has it's own special sponge bar which is a few inches shorter than the sponge bar for the main bed. The bulky ribber sponge bar fits the KH-230 main bed as well as the ribber.
If you have any questions about which one to get, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right sponge bar.

If you are not sure which sponge bar to buy, use this guide. Measure the original sponge bar and compare your measurements to this table.

Knitting Machine

Tip to Tip Length cm

Outside Width of Metal mm

Brother 4.5 punch card OR electronic

103.5 cm


Brother 9.0 Main Bed Punch Card

119 cm

11mm (This MB bar OR)

Brother 9.0 Ribber Bed

109.5 cm

11mm (This ribber bar)

Artisan 70D/Silver Bulky

116 cm


Artisan 245: Silver 4.5mm



SK-155 Bulky (Studio, Silver, Singer) 110 cm 10mm

Note: You can choose a sponge bar that is longer than the original, however, you must choose a sponge bar with the same outside width of the metal part or it won?t go into your machine. Do not choose a sponge bar that is shorter than the original.

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