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Make Your Knitting Machine Sing for Brother Knitting Machine

Make Your Knitting Machine Sing for Brother Knitting Machine

Make Your Knitting Machine Sing
Make Your Knitting Machine Sing has been a big hit!! If you have a Brother knitting machine, you will learn how to quickly and easily adjust your knitting machine, ribber, and major accessories for trouble-free knitting!! Although written specifically for the Brother/Knitking machine, much of the book's contents apply to all knitting machines. This "must have" book contains a number of undocumented tips on machine adjustment and maintenance. The book contains over 130 actual photographs for quick visual reference. This book makes keeping your Brother knitting machine humming a real breeze!!

Chapter 1 - Tables and Stands
About Tables and Stands
Types of Tables and Stands
Assembling the Metal Stands
Chapter 2 - The Main Bed
About the Main Bed
Cleaning the Main Bed
Protecting the Main Bed
Checking the Needles
Inspecting and Straightening Gate Pegs
Inspecting and Replacing the Sponge Bar
Troubleshooting Electronic Machines
Oiling Your Knitting Machine
Chapter 3 - The Carriage
About the Carriage
Oiling the Carriage
Troubleshooting Minor Carriage Problems
About the Sinker Plate
About the Brushes and Wheels
About the Weaving Brushes
Chapter 4 - The Tension Masts
About the Tension Masts
Adjusting the Upper Mast Tension
Deciding Which Mast to Use
Using Wax With the Four and Six Color Masts
Chapter 5 - The Ribber and Ribber Coupler
About the Ribber
Attaching the Ribber
Adjusting the Ribber
Troubleshooting Ribber Problems
Chapter 6 - The Single Bed Color Changer
About the Single Bed Color Changer
Attaching the Single Bed Color Changer
Threading the Color Changer
Threading the Special Sinker Plate
Setting Up for Knitting with the Single Bed Color Changer
Adjusting the Single Bed Color Changer
Chapter 7 - The Double Bed Color Changers
About the Double Bed Color Changers
Attaching and Threading the Double Bed Color Changers
Adjusting the Double Bed Color Changers 
Troubleshooting Double Bed Color Changer Problems
Chapter 8 - The Motor Drive
About the Motor Drive
Assembling the Motor Drive
Using the Motor Sensor with the Double Bed Tension Mast
Adjusting the Operating Range
Adjusting the Motor Drive Belt
About Motor Drive Sensors and Their Functions
Troubleshooting Motor Drive Problems
Chapter 9 - The Transfer Carriage and Bind Off Linker
About the Transfer Carriage 
Operating the Transfer Carriage
Troubleshooting the Transfer Carriage
About the Bind Off Linker
Operating the Bind Off Linker
Troubleshooting the Bind Off Linker 
Chapter 10 - Cleaning and Maintenance
About Cleaning and Maintaining Your Knitting Machine
Cleaning and Maintenance After Each Day of Use 
Cleaning and Maintenance After Each Garment
Cleaning and Maintenance Each Year