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Passap Paramedic

Be Your Own Passap Paramedic

Be Your Own Passap Paramedic - If you own a Passap you need the Passap Paramedic book. Detailed maintenance and repair instructions and accompanying photos take you step-by step through many of the common repairs to Passap knitting machines. The Paramedic will teach you to repair and adjust locks, repair and adjust most of the accessories and to re-align the beds. The Passap Paramedic will instruct you on how to recondition your strippers. The Passap Paramedic contains complete step-by-step instructions on deep cleaning your machine, minor repairs, and adjustments. Your machine will be just like it was when was brand new.
We also have the 5.5mm box spanner (metric nut driver or box wrench) referred to in the Passap Paramedic available as well. If you didn't get a box spanner with your machine, you will need to have one to dismantle the machine. Complete instructions are in the Passap Paramedic. This is a must-have book for all passap duo 5 (pink passap), duomatic 80 and E6000 owners.