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Passap Brake Spring

Passap Brake Spring

Passap Brake Spring - There is now only one brake spring that has been manufactured to be long enough to fit any of the DuoMatic machines as well as the lower brake spring on the E6000. This is good new for the E6000 owners. This way you won't have to have a separate brake spring for the front bed pushers. 
DM80, DM5 (Pink Passap) and E6000 Upper Rails: When you install this brake spring, you will still need to trim the "extra" length from the spring to allow the upper rail to slide over the new brake spring. This is exactly the same procedure as before. The only difference is that the piece you trim is going to be a little longer than before.

E6000 Lower Brake Spring: Remember to remove the white guide tip from the old brake spring and place it into the new brake spring. You don't have to trim the lower brake spring. 
HINT: To avoid damaging the brake spring in the first place, be sure to close the latch when removing the needle. If the needle is badly damaged, cut the needle head off at the point where the latch hinges on the needle (the weakest point) before trying to remove it. You do not want the hook or latch to catch the spring under the rail. When replacing the needle, be sure that the latch is OPEN or the latch may catch the spring and pull it. When removing a needle, make sure the latch is CLOSED before pulling down under the brake spring. A damaged brake spring has either a needle that won't stay in working position or a needle that is much tighter than the others.