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Chibi Bent Tip Darning Needle

Chibi Bent Tip Darning Needle

The Chibi is actually the little container that holds the Bent Tip Darning Needles. But everyone calls the darning needle itself a chibi needle. It's the greatest sewing up needle ever for knitting and crochet work, not to mention darning. The chibi is a must have darning needle for all knitters.
These three needles are very high quality and are easy to hold and sew with. The large eye is easy to thread. One of the needles will be just right for any darning or needle work project. The bent tip makes it easier to go down and up into any fabric. The Chibi darning needle is sized just right for all finer gauges of hand knitting work. It has a blut tip that is just like a knitting needle tip so it won't split the yarn. Once you have a chibi darning needle, you will never use anything else. It is simply a well engineered darning needle and it works perfectly. Two of the large size and one of the smaller size of bent tip darning needles come with the Chibi holder.
A larger version of the chibi darning needle called the Chibi Jumbo Darning Needle is also available for larger gauges of hand knitting or where a blunt needle tip is an advantage.