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Passap Switch between computer and console

Passap Switch between computer and console

Passap Switch Between Computer and Console - This little box attaches to the side of the console using velcro. It has a small switch on the bottom that allows you to download patterns through your passap EL1 or EL3 download cable from your PC directly into the Console. The switch is towards the red dot. Or flick the switch away from the red dot, and you are able to use either the Knit From Screen feature in DesignaKnit or just knit from the console as usual. 

This is much more convenient than having to remove the console cable and replace it with the download cable, then back again once transferring is finished. There is also the added bonus that wear and tear on the prong plug in the console will not be damaged. A rather costly repair. Instructions and a photo of an installed device is included in the package. Very easily installed. More than just convenient, you will wonder why you didn't get one sooner.