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Claw Weight

Claw Weight

Claw Weight: 

The claw weight is an essential tool for any knitting machine. Used mostly by Japanese machine owners, it is also handy as an extra weight on other types of knitting machines. The claws are either hooked directly into the knitting (usually on the edge of the knitting with one "claw" off the edge), or added to the edge of a cast on comb, or other type of comb.

When hanging a claw weight, it is recommended that you avoid putting them onto the last row of knitting so the carriage doesn't run over them. This often bends the claws, may damage the carriage, damage the needles, or worst of all, damage the yarn. The claws on a claw weight can be straightened with a pair of needle nose pliers, working carefully to avoid breaking off a claw.

The claw weight is 4.5 mm gauge. However, it fits a 9.0 mm machine as well.