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Brother knitting machine large battery

Brother knitting machine large battery

Brother large battery: You will find this battery in most of the electronic knitting machines, the cartridge that is found in the PPD, or stitch pattern collections. You may have an extra cartridge for storing your own patterns on. The diameter is about 1 3/16" or 30 mm. You have to solder this battery onto the circuit board.

You will know if your battery is getting old or has failed completely because your pattern files will disappear when the power is turned off on the device you are using. On an electronic knitting machine, this means that any pattern you created through the console of the machine, or a pattern that you downloaded isn't there after you turn the machine off then on again. You may also have programming problems as well. 

Check the dimensions of your battery in your machine or cartridge before ordering. Some machines have a smaller diameter battery. If this is the case, measure your battery diameter and write for more information. We usually have different batteries in stock. For more information about Brother large batteries, or batteries in general, click here to contact us.