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Lace Impressions for Passap and Brother Bulky

Lace Impressions for Passap and Brother Bulky

Lace Impressions for Passap and brother bulky Knitting Machines - By Michael Becker -- This book is for any knitting machine that pre select needles before knitting them.
Discover how to turn qualified hand knitted lace patterns into punch card and electronic patterns to knit using the Brother Bulky Punch Card or Electronic, Passap Punch Card and E6000 knitting machine using a fool-proof way to decide which needles to transfer and which direction to transfer them to. Learn how to use existing lace punch card and electronic lace stitch patterns to make quick and accurate patterns for hand transfer.
Transfer two rows of the lace pattern and then knit two rows on the knitting machine. This simple knitting machine lace making method actually takes a little practice to "get it", but it's not hard to do. You will understand how lace it made on the knitting machine and will be an expert in no time. Not every hand knitted pattern can be developed with this method. Learn to identify problems. Convert patterns into 24 stitch wide or 40 stitch wide (Passap) punch card formats. Become more creative with your knitting machine.