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Brother Standard Gauge Lace Carriage

Brother Punch Card Machine Lace Carriage

Brother Standard Gauge Lace Carriage - fits KH820, KH830,KH836, KH840, KH860, KH864, KH868, KH881, KH890, KH891, KH892. Brand New (not refurbished)

If you need a replacement Brother standard gauge lace carriage, this is the one you need. Brand new from the factory. Making lace with a Brother lace carriage is so easy. You don't have to rethread this carriage as it works separately from the knitting carriage.
Refer to your knitting machine manual for detailed instructions. Place the extension rails on the machine. The knitting carriage is on the right rail. The lace carriage is on the left rail. As you move the lace carriage, the needles are selected by the punch card mechanism. When ever you see needles being selected, you use the lace carriage to transfer the stitches always ending with the lace carriage on the left side. When no needles have been selected, it is now time for you to knit two rows with the main knitting carriage. Easy and quick! Refer to your knitting machine manual for instructions on making the different types of lace. This is the easiest way to make lace of any brand of knitting machine.