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6.5 mm 7 Prong Adjustable Tool

6.5 mm 7 Prong Adjustable Tool

This 7 prong adjustable tool is made for 6.5 mm Silver Reed Mid Gauge knitting machines such as the LK150, SK-860 and for any other 6.5 mm gauge knitting machine.
To use the 6.5 mm 7 Prong Adjustable Tool, you loosen the thumb nut on the side of the tool. Pull out the prongs you wish to use. Tighten the thumb screw and you're ready to go. This is great for lace making on the mid-gauge machine as you can transfer up to seven stitches in pattern at a time. Even for transfering every other stitch to the next needle is much quicker.
Use two of these tools to make giant cables up to seven stitches over seven stitches. You can reduce the size of the holes on the twist row by knitting a long strand of same colored yarn into the transferring stitches by hand. Push the needles with the stitches right back to non-working position. Hang a claw weight below these stitches. Push the needles back up to working position.  Now make your transfers. Continue to work. When done, go back to the hand-knitted in stitches. Start in the middle of the cable working towards the sides: Pick/pull the elongated stitches back to normal size to match the rest of the knitting. Darn in the ends. Mission accomplished.
Remember this 6.5 mm 7 Prong Adjustable Tool does not fit the KX-350 KH-400 brother mid-gauge machines. These use the 7.0 mm 7 prong tool and any tool for the Artisan 70D or 70D Plus machines.