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Clover Latch Hook Eye Needle

Clover Latch Hook Eye Needle

Clover Latch Hook Eye Darning Needles - Clover has done it again! They have come up with something very handy to have. The Clover Latch Hook Eye Darning Needles has arrived! If you are a machine knitter, you already know how a latch hook works. The yarn goes into the hook of latch, the latch closes over the yarn and you then pull it through your knitting. If you have trouble threading a needle, this makes it easier. You can even thread multiple strands of yarn or thread (for finishing surged seams). The latch stays closed when you press it down to keep the yarn or thread inside the "eye".

The hook can be used to snag onto a piece of elastic, close the latch and you can use the needle to work your way around an elasticized waist band or similar situation. The latch hook eye needle can be used for darning, and knitting repairs as well. There a quite a few possibilities here. There are two needles in the package. One to use and one to loose. ;o) They will also fit into the Chibbi needle holder. You will want to get a package of Clover's Latch Hook Eye Darning Needles today!