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SL3-USB or Silver Link 3 USB Cable

SL3-USB or Silver Link 3 USB Cable

SL3-USB or Silver Link 3 with usb connection - The SL3-USB or Silver 3 does not allow interactive knitting. You can upload and download stitch patterns to the PE1 only.. (NOTE: If you want interactive knitting as well as upload and download of stitch patterns to the PE1, then you want to buy cable SL6-USB or silver link 6 which also allows interactive knitting). The SL-3 cable connects DAK to the PE1 directly. You can download into the PE1 easily. You can also upload a pattern from the PE1. You then disconnect the cable and plug in the PE1 back into the EC1. Here is how its done: The connection is simple to set up. Basically you disconnect the PE1 cable from the EC1. Connect the SL3-USB (or Silver Link 3) cable to the PE1. Set up DAK to download your stitch pattern into the PE1. When done, simply disconnect the cable and reconnect the PE1 to your EC1 or knitting machine which ever the case may be.
NOTE: A SL-3USB cable can be upgraded to a SL6-USB cable at a later time by purchasing just the magnet assembly. It is more cost effective to buy the SL6-USB.