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Passap Transfer Tool (Choose from 3 styles)

Passap Transfer Tool (Choose from 3 styles)

Passap transfer Tools - We are presenting three of the Passap transfer tools for you to choose from. 

Three Prong Black Transfer Tool: This tool is used for making full-fashioned decreases and increases. If you have a pair of these tools, you can easily make 3 stitch over 3 stitch cables.

Five Prong Brown Transfer Tool: Just like the three prong tool, this tool is used for making deeper full fashion increases and decreases. With a pair you can make cables with a fair degree of difficulty. If you are transferring a number of stitches along the width of the bed, this makes the job go a lot faster.

Three Prong White TransferTool: This tool will transfer every other stitch. This is handy for transferring stitches to make mock rib, simple transferred lace patterns as well as transferring stitches to the opposite bed to set up ribbing.
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