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Passap Orange Tool

Passap Orange Tool

Passap orange Tool - This is the number one tool used on Passap knitting machines. It fits other standard gauge knitting machines as well, but it's made for the Passap. The orange tool is used for snagging a dropped stitch and putting it back onto the offending needle. The decker eye needle on the other end of the orange tool is used to transfer a single stitch where ever it's needed. It's practically never out of your hand! It is also used to pull safety washers off machine parts when you are making repairs or cleaning the machine. You also use them to place washers and nuts back onto the screws that hold the beds together and there are quite a few of those to deal with.
Eventually, after years of use, they will break or, more frustrating, you really have lost it  this time (the tool that is) and you need a new one. So here it is. The mighty ever useful Passap Orange Tool.