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Customized Needle Selector

Customized Needle Selector

Customized needle selector - The Passap Customized Needle Selector is a very handy tool to have when you want to push up (or push down) pushers in an unusual pattern.  (P.S. - We only have a limited number at this price)
The Customized Needle Selector has 30 spaces and 25 removable pegs. It's the width of 30 needles. You can easily pull out the pegs and arrange them to suit your patterning requirements. If you can still find an old 35mm film canister, this is a perfect place to put the pegs you aren't using in the needle selector so you don't loose any of them.
If you have a Duomatic 80, it's perfect for making the classic Passap baby blanket. The one with the differently patterned squares. You can even set the comb up to make aran style tuck patterns in the blanket -- not the same old thing ;o) You can also use it to modify the electronically selected pushers on the E6000. Remember, the pushers on the E6000 need to be pushed out of work when modifying the selection. Use the other side of the Passap Customized Needle Selector to put the pushers back up for selection.