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Tension Mast Holder Replacement Kit for Artisan 70D

Tension Mast Holder Replacement Kit for Artisan 70D

Tension Mast Holder Replacement kit for the Artisan 70D - The original tension mast holder for the Artisan 70D was made of plastic. This was unfortunately prone to breakage if the tension mast was pushed accidentally too far. The new replacement part is made of metal and is much more durable. When putting the tension mast into the new metal tension mast holder you will have to loosen the screws slightly (do not remove the screws) to allow the tension mast to slide into position. You then tighten the screws and you are back in business.
You will receive an instruction sheet, the new tension mast holder and a set of plastic rivets. To replace the holder, you will have to remove one of the end caps and the needle bed cover which holds the plastic tension mast holder. Undo the screws holding the plastic piece. There is a small metal plate behind the plastic holder. The new metal holder is placed on the OUTSIDE of the needle cover and screwed into the small plate behind the needle cover. Replace the needle cover and end cap and rescrew. Replace the plastic rivets. Replace any broken rivets wtih those supplied in the kit.