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Designaknit 9 Upgrade

Designaknit 9 Upgrade

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Designaknit 9 Upgrade -
 If you already own a version of Designaknit 8, you can upgrade it to Version 9.Make your selection from the pull-down menu at the bottom of this page. Please read carefully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To obtain the Upgrade version, you must return the original CD or Diskette (diskettes with the serial number written on it) to me at the store: Distinctive Knits, 322 Second St., Aurora, IN 47001-1304. Make a photocopy of the disk (etc.) before you send it through the mail for your own reference. An actual physical exchange must be made.

This page is set up for those who want to upgrade their DAK 8 version to a DAK 9 version. Technical details will come later to this page. We want to provide those who already own DAK 8 the opportunity to get their upgrade as quickly as possible.

System requirements:
Windows 98 SE or later
USB port
Screen size at least 800 x 600 pixels
Approx. 500 MB hard disk space (if installing tutorials & manuals) Or 90MB without tutorials & manuals

Choose your version of Dak and the type of upgrade you want. Look carefully at each option.: