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Graphics Into Garments

Graphics Into Garments

Graphics Into Garments by Michael Becker:
Graphics Into Garments will solve the mystery of how to use DesignaKnit's Graphic Studio. This book shows you how to make punch card diagrams, cartoons and photographs (graphics) into knittable DesignaKnit patterns. The book has three major sections. The first deals with line drawings like cartoons. The second deals with punchcard diagrams and graphics and how to convert them into stitch patterns. The third section is all about using photographs that you have in your computer. The trick of making a more detailed two-color pattern is revealed. This is particularly useful for converted photos that have lost too much detail. Each function is explained through actual images on the DesignaKnit screen. There are hints and information about the icons being used as well as other time-saving hints and tips. Easily learn by doing. Just follow the steps in the pictures.