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FB100 Utility and FB100 Emulator for use with BL7-USB

FB100 Utility and FB100 Emulator for use with BL7-USB

The BL7-USB FB100 Utility - The FB100 Utility is a stand alone product. It's purpose is to allow your Personal Computer's diskette drive to function just like a FB100. You do not need to own DesignaKnit to use this product. It does, however, have the ability to export a Brother format file to DesignaKnit for those who own DAK. The BL7-USB FB100 Utility has the following functions:
  1. Converts Non-Brother Files From Other Systems - Convert non-Brother files into Brother files (see the list of file types in the table at the bottom of this page). E.g., convert a .CUT (Passap) file into a Brother file automatically.
  2. Backup: you don't have to worry anymore about the fact that your diskettes might fail. Their contents is stored safely on your personal computer. You can save the contents easily to a CD ROM for a permanent copy.
  3. View and Organize Files: You can view ALL of your patterns on your PC in color or black and white in either of two formats: 1) as a catalogue where all the files are shown on a screen; and 2) as individual files. You won't have to write numbers and names on a piece of paper (that usually gets lost) any longer. No more sorting through diskettes.
  4. Several File Print Out Options: Choose to print out files in either color or black and white. Chose to print the thumbnails as a directory listing or individual files.
  5. Make copies: If  you want to provide someone with a copy of a Brother Pattern Disk, you can create a new Brother format diskette from the file stored on your computer.
  6. Diskette Failures: If an original diskette develops a defect, create a new diskette with the stored contents on your PC.
  7. Format Diskettes Using Brother Format: You can make Brother formatted diskettes on your personal computer.
  8. DesignaKnit Applications: DesignaKnit users can import Brother format pattern files into DesignaKnit. A DesignaKnit user can use the BL7USB as a Screenlink (knit from screen) with the optional Knitlink Arm.
Read the manual for the FB100 Uility.
Download the FB100 Emulator
Download the FB100 Utility

The pattern formats supported can be found in the table below:

Extension   Description
PAT   DesignaKnit pattern file
BPT   Brother PaTtern file
CST   CompuStrick pattern file
CUT   Passap Creation pattern file
PCX   System 90 INTO SHAPE pattern file
STC   Stitch Painter pattern file
SBR   Stitch Painter brush file
DAT   Silver Reed PC10 pattern file

You can add above formats in any combination to a track. FB100 utility will convert any of these file types to Brother Pattern Disk format.

Existing users can obtain this new version of the FB100 Utility free of charge by downloading the new version.