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Gauge Ruler

Gauge Ruler

Gauge Ruler - Use your gauge ruler to measure a test swatch to determine the number of stitches and rows in 10 cm or 4 inches easily. In the manual for your Japanese knitting machine are instructions for knitting a test swatch with isolation rows and yarn marks in contrasting color yarn. Depending on your machine, there are different numbers of stitches and rows marked. For 4.5 standard guage you need to isolate 40 stitches and 60 rows; mid-gauge needs 30 stitch and 40 rows; and the bulky needs 20 stitches and 30 rows. The way the gauge ruler is used is easy. One side has an "S" and the other side has an "R" marked on it. Place the gauge ruler with the "S" side up to measure stitches. Place the cut edge of the ruler is against the yarn mark. Look over to the other yarn mark. Where the edge of the yarn mark lays, note the number. This is the stitches in 4 cm.
Flip the gauge ruler over to the "R" or rows side and place it vertically to measure rows. Place the cut edge and the bottom of the first stitch in main color yarn. Look up ruler to where the bottom of the contrasting color sits (where the main color yarn meets the contrasting yarn row). This is the rows in 10 cm or 4 inches.
For 4.5 standard gauge order the GREEN gauge ruler.
For Mid-gauge Machines order the YELLOW gauge ruler.
For 9.0 Bulky Gauge order the BLUE gauge ruler.
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