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Passap Black Stripper

Passap Black Stripper

Passap BLACK Stripper Newer Blade Style - The black stripper is an essential part of the Passap DuoMatic knitting machine for doing single bed fabrics and ribbed fabrics with wide stockinette areas on alternate beds. They are structured to push the knitting down without using weights. They allow you to use the back bed of the machine with the front bed lowered out of the way. You can use the diagrams for pusher oriented patterns from the DM80 on the E6000 on the back bed on it's own. This ability is hand when you want to be able to see the fabric being produced more readily as the front be is not blocking your view. This technique works for both the E6000 and DuoMatic 80 machines.

The blade on a black stripper is removable and can be replaced if severely damaged. Black strippers for the Passap DuoMatic machines are sold individually. These are the new style black stripper with the longer replaceable blades. For more information about black strippers, maintenance and repairs, please refer to the Passap Paramedic.