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Brother Bulky Needle Position Tape

Brother Bulky Needle Position Tape

Brother Bulky Needle Position Tape - Every so often your needle position tape wears out. Little indentations form along the edge of the tape caused by the pressure of the knitting pulling down on the needle. The tape actually wears away. The Brother bulky main bed machine and occasionally the Brother bulky ribber tape wears out as well.
The tape isn't hard to replace. Just remove the sponge bar. This takes the pressure off of the needles. Pull out the old needle position tape. It's usually is easier to pull it out towards the side of the machine. This is a good time to brush out any lint from the needle area. Clean out any old oil too. Put a few drops of oil along the metal to help the tape adhear. This prevents the tape from shifting under the needles.
Take the new bulky needle position tape and, starting at one end, push the end of the tape along under the needles. You may have to lift it slightly when it goes over the screw heads in the bed. Make sure the tape is centered correctly. There is a dotted line on the middle of either tape that fits between the two middle needles. Replace the sponge bar. You're done.
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