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Double Eye Needle

Double Eye Needle

Double Eye Needle - Various names are used for this tool: double eye needle, double eyed needle, double eye bodkin, bodkin, etc. A rose by any other name.... This is one tool that's hard to do without. It's also the one we seem to misplace and can't find again. A good place to keep a double eye needle is on a magnet attached to the yarn mast. If you put it there, then it can't flip out of your tool tray when you pick up a transfer tool and it will save you searching through your "stuff" to try and find it. The double eye needle is used for sewing up knitted fabric, transferring stitches, picking up dropped stitches, repairing knitted fabric, darning, embroidery, dropped stitch repair and a few more things as well. The only thing left to say about a double eye needle is that they come in different gauges. We offer two sizes. Select the one you need from the pull down menu below. Bulky or Mid-Gauge double eye needle and the standard gauge double eye needle that fits any 4.5mm machine as well as the passap Duomatic machines.
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