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Brother Super Cartridge - An alternative to DesignaKnit

Brother Super Cartridge - An alternative to DesignaKnit


Brother Super Cartridge, Cable and Utility Software For Brother Knitting Machines That Use A Cartridge

Finally a way to save Brother format files on your PC without DesignaKnit. The Super Cartridge and Utility Software is a stand alone system that is not dependent on any other software to fully function. This can only be used on Brother knitting machines that have cartridge capabilities: KH-900, KH-270, KH-965, KH-965i, KH-970, CK35
If you have loads of diskettes with Brother format files on them, you can load them into the Super Cartridge, then plug it into your personal computer using a USB port. Then upload the files into your computer where, with the utility software, you can sort, arrange, look at the image of the stitch pattern or file the patterns. If you need to edit the pattern, you would do it in the knitting machine or PPD. Once you have converted all of your files, the Diskette Drive is no longer needed. The PPD can still be used to create patterns.

How It Works - Using your PPD, load the patterns into the old Brother cartridge.  Download the patterns into your knitting machine. (If you are using a diskette drive, load the patterns either into the PPD cartridge or directly into the knitting machine.) Replace the old cartridge with the Super Cartridge. Upload the patterns from the knitting machine into the Super Cartridge. Bring the Super Cartridge to your personal computer and attach it to the USB cable. Open the Utility Software. You can now view the files or save them to your hard drive either as individual files or in a batch.

To use the files - Download the file(s) from your PC into the Super Cartridge. You put the cartridge into your knitting machine and proceed as usual. The Super Cartridge functions as a normal Brother cartridge.

DesignaKnit Owners: Bonus #1: If you have DesignaKnit, you can extract the file into a .PAT format file and work on the design in Designaknit. NOTE: Extracting into DesignaKnit is a one way trip. Any file extracted to DesignaKnit can only be transferred to the knitting machine using a DesignaKnit cable. Bonus 2: Optional magnet and cable to enable Knit From Screen capabilities is available. You can use your computer screen instead of the knitleader.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing The Super Cartridge - Unfortunately, the Diskette Drives are having problems and are beginning to fail at a steady rate. To refurbish one will cost about $200. Older Brother cartridges are no longer available and they are beginning to become problematic as well. If you don't have or want to have DesignaKnit, this is the ideal answer. Compared to the cost of DAK and an appropriate cable, the Super Cartridge is very reasonable and would be a good investment.

Here's what you get - One Super Cartridge, the Cable, a CD with the Utility Software and only from Distinctive Knits a mini manual with step by step instructions on using the cartridge.

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