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Denise Brights Circular Knitting Needle Set

Denise Circular Knitting Needle Set

Denise Circular Knitting Needle Set
The Denise Brights Circular Knitting Needle set has color matched needles sized from 5-15 (U.S.). There are enough cables to make 10 different lengths of circular needles and end caps to convert cables to straight needles. Since the cables come in various lengths, you can join several lengths to make longer circular needles. Needle joiners also act as stitch holders. The Denise Circular Knitting Needle Set comes neatly packed in a compact 7" x 8.5" case. These needles are also airline safe. Four end caps are also provided so you can use them as straight needles as well. The needles have a fast, smooth finish so knitting is quick and easy, not fatiguing. What's great is that you will always have the right size and length of needle. If you knit in the car, you can grab the Denise Circular Knitting Needle package and know you have the right needle for the job, even in you discover you need to change needle sizes! All you do is change the needle tips. You don't even have to remove the knitting from the cable. All the connections are guaranteed to work or free part replacement (a small handling charge applies). This is a great product, well made and reasonably priced!
Optional longer cables up to 52" long are available separately.
Optional size 17 and 19 needle tips available by special order.
Optional extra Needles and/or cables can be ordered individually as well.
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