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pom pom maker extra small

pom pom maker extra small

Clover pom pom Maker - Extra Small

Use the clover Extra Small Pom Pom Maker with yarns, ribbons or fibers.  Two different sizes come in one package: 3/4" and 1". You can create a wide variety of decorative pom poms to embellish wearables, home decor items and accessories of all kinds. Make striped pom poms with different colored yarns. Use strips of fabric alone, or mixed with yarn. There are suggestions on how to use the pom poms with each different size pom pom maker from Clover. The pom pom maker is easy to use. Wind as much or as little of the yarn around the two "wings" that fold out. When you have enough yarn on the pom pom maker, push the wings back together forming the circle again. There is a little snap to hold everything in place for the next step. Using very sharp scissors, cut the yarn along the groove on the outside of the Clover pom pom maker. Now use a strong thread, string, yarn or dental floss (this is impossible to break). Tie the pom pom together through the groove pulling it tight. Pull the two halves of the Clover pom pom maker apart. You might have to trim the pom pom a little. Shake it to fluff it up a little.