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Passap Upgrade Chip Set

Passap Upgrade Chip Set

NEW PRICE: Was $230.00 NOW: $180.00 for the 2 piece set.

The Passap Upgrade Chip Set (part numbers: 05.363.53 and 05.364.53) are the latest version available for the E6000 console. Upgrade your console to download a stitch pattern from DesignaKnit or Crea6. They come in a set of two chips. To affect the passap upgrade, undo the 4 screws on the back of the console. (Some consoles have Torx screws so you may need a special screw driver). Locate the Muster and Program chips on the circuit board. Note it's orientation. The new chip must go in in the same direction. CAREFULLY pry up the old Program chip using the point of the orange tool working back and forth to gradually lift it up and out of its socket. If you have a chip puller (Radio Shack) use that. Select the new Program Chip 05.636.53. Place the prongs onto the socket. Make sure prongs are all aligned with each hole. Press it down slightlly into position. Recheck the prongs on the chip. If all is OK, press it down into the socket.  The program chip 05.636.53 is now installed. Repeat for the Muster chip. Replace the console back. You have completed your Passap upgrade. If the console does not function properly, you may have bent one of the prongs as you pushed the chip into the socket. Remove the chip, straighten the prong and reposition.