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KX 350 KH 400 Sponge Bar Needle Presser

KX 350 KH 400 Sponge Bar Needle Presser

KX 350 and KH 400 Sponge Bar Needle Presser - This is the sponge piece found under the needle of the brother KX 350 and KH 400 plastic bed knitting machine. If you find that your knitting is uneven, or there is frequent jamming and you have been knitting for quite some time, then you will probably need to replace the sponge strip in your KX350 or KH400. Dimensions: 0.9cm on the nylon covered side x 1.0 cm x 101 cm long
Refer to your manual about removing needles. Remove all the needles. Pull out the old sponge and press in the new one with the fabric covered side of the sponge against the needles. Replace the needles according to you manual. SHIPPING NOTE: If this is the only item you are purachasing, the shopping cart will charge the default shipping, however, on this item only, the shipping is $3.50 within the USA. After the order is received, your total will be adjusted and the difference refunded to your credit card. PayPal orders will receive a PayPal refund for the over charge.