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70D Sponge Bar

70D Sponge Bar

70D Sponge Bar (aka Needle Retaining Bar) - This bar will now fit the 70D Plus model as well as the older 70D model.There are two sponge bars in the 70D. It's a good idea to replace both at the same time. The sponge bar is responsible for pressing down on the needles to keep them flat against the knitting bed. If your sponge bar is worn or weak, then the needles will be able to ride up. This allows the needles to bounce. The needles will also catch in the sinker plate. The sinker plate aims the yarn into a specific position. If the sponge bar is allowing the needles to bounds, then they will catch and split the yarn every so often causing uneven knitting, carriage jams and yarn tucks where a piece of yarn is caught on a needle and hangs on without knitting off. If you are replacing the 70D sponge bar, you may want to consider the condition of the number tapes as well. If they have broken down, order them with the sponge bars. The postage remains the same.

If you are not sure which sponge bar to buy, use this guide. Measure the original sponge bar and compare your measurements to this table.

Knitting Machine

Tip to Tip Length cm

Outside Width of Metal mm

Brother 4.5 punch card

103.5 cm


Brother 9.0 Main Bed Punch Card

119 cm


Brother 9.0 Ribber Bed

109.5 cm


Artisan 70D/Silver Bulky

116 cm


Artisan 245: Silver 4.5mm



SK-155 Bulky (Studio, Silver, Singer) 110 cm 10mm

Note: You can choose a sponge bar that is longer than the original, however, you must choose a sponge bar with the same outside width of the metal part or it won't go into your machine. Do not choose a sponge bar that is shorter than the original.