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Artisan, Studio, Singer 4.5mm Sponge or Needle Retainer Bar

245 Sponge or Needle Retainer Bar Also Replaces Silver Sponge Bars

Artisan, Studio, Singer 4.5mm  Sponge or Needle Retainer Bar
The Artisan 245 Sponge Bar (also known as a needle retainer bar) also fits Silver Reed, Singer, Studio 4.5 mm standard gauge knitting machine.
This sponge bar (or needle retainer bar) fits the Artisan 245 Punch Card knitting machine as well as Studio/Singer/Silver Reed standard gauge machines. The sponge bar is made from improved sponge and pushes down firmly on the needles and prevents them from jumping up and causing snags and damaged yarn. They will last longer and your knitting will be less problematic. If you are continually having a problem with your knitting, even if you are using different yarns and you haven't replaced the sponge bar in the last two to three years, it is probably a good time to replace it.
If you prefer to replace the plastic retaining bar in the ribber to prevent needles slipping down after you have selected them, you can use this needle retainer bar in the ribber as well. Dimensions: 105 cm tip to tip and 1 cm wide from outside edge to outside edge of metal.

If you are not sure which sponge bar to buy, use this guide. Measure the original sponge bar and compare your measurements to this table.

Knitting Machine

Tip to Tip Length cm

Outside Width of Metal mm

Brother 4.5 punch card

103.5 cm


Brother 9.0 Main Bed Punch Card

119 cm


Brother 9.0 Ribber Bed

109.5 cm


Artisan 70D/Silver Bulky

116 cm


Artisan 245: Silver 4.5mm



SK-155 Bulky (Studio, Silver, Singer) 110 cm 10mm

Note: You can choose a sponge bar that is longer than the original, however, you must choose a sponge bar with the same outside width of the metal part or it won't go into your machine. Do not choose a sponge bar that is shorter than the original.