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Brother KH-970 and KH-270 Transformer

Brother KH-97Brother KH-970 and KH-270 Transformer0 and KH-270 Transformer

Brother KH-970 and KH-270 Transformer or Power Supply, Power Adapter: This is the transformer or power supply that you need for the brother KH-970 or the KH-270 knitting machine. If you have a KH-970, there is a little pronged clip that goes on the end that attaches the transformer to the console. You will have to transfer this item to the new transformer. This supplemental part is no longer available. It helps keep the transformer attached to the knitting machine. This transformer is manufactured by brother and has the correct power source specifications for your machine. Make sure that the knitting machine is turned off before plugging in the transformer to the machine. Do not plug the transformer into the wall outlet until it properly attached to your knitting machine. This is to avoid damaging the machine or blowing the little fuses in the machine.