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Celtic Inspiration by Iris Bishop

Celtic Inspiration by Iris Bishop
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Name: Celtic Inspiration by Iris Bishop
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Iris Bishop writes:

I have been attracted to and inspired by Celtic Art for many years, and have drawn many sketches and 'doodles' based on elements of this period. After visiting Holy Island in Northumberland for the first time recently, I decided to put together this collection of my ideas on Celtic motifs. Most of these patterns were designed for me 'personally', but I hope they will prove useful and of interest to the many knitters who have shared my designs and ideas in previous publications.

This collection contains fabric and border designs, plus basic tunic-style sweater and jacket patterns, which I use to illustrate many of my fabric designs. All of the designs can be knitted simply in two colours only, but more colours can be added to create rich or subtle effects if you are feeling more adventurous. As usual with my fabric designs there are short 'floats' on the reverse side, so they are practical for all occasions.

The Celtic Art I have seen in illustrated manuscripts, stone carving, metalwork etc. have. all been lovingly produced by individual .craftsmen I hope you will have as much pleasure from producing your own individual variations on these designs as I have had in working on my own ideas inspired by this timeless period of art history.


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