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Garter Carriage Turnaround Cams

Garter Carriage Turnaround Cams
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Name: Garter Carriage Turnaround Cams
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Garter Carriage Turnaround Cams - Reduce the amount of time, not to mention wear and tear, on your garter carriage by 20-30%. Garter carriage motors are currently no longer available. Get 20-30% more life out of your existing motor with the Garter Carriage Turn Around Cams. A great investment since the garter carriage motors are currently no longer available. If your motor has given out, it is possible to get new brushes or get the motor rewound. These are the usual culprits where motor failure is concerned. Be sure to keep your garter carriage cleaned and oiled. With maintenance you will have your garter carriage much longer before it gives out or need to have a new motor.


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