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PPD Print Cable
PPD Print Cable
Serial Number: PPD Print Cable
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Brother PPD Print Cable: 

The new Brother PPD Print turns your computer into a printer suitable for the Brother PPD100, PPD110, PPD120 and PPD35. It captures printer data from PPD and shows the pages in your web browser. from there you can make print outs on any printer.

Then save your files organizing them into different directories that make sense to you. Once you have saved the files using the PPD Print Cable you can view them using a file viewer, or add them to word processing pages or view them in your browser in HTML. Click to see the sample printout below the image for the PPD Print Cable.

It's simple to use and comes with it's own free software. First, download and install the PPD Print Cartridge software. Connect the PPD Print Cable to the printer port on the PPD. Then plug in the USB end into your computer. Start the PPD Print Cable software on your PC. Turn on the PPD and follow the instructions on-screen. The HELP file also has step-by-step instructions with loads of illustrations.

ALSO if you have an FB100, you can first load the files from diskettes into the PPD and capture those patterns as well. The PPD Print Cable is designed to upload patterns as a viewable, printable image to your PC. It does not have any other function.

To download the free software, see technical information and look at the Instruction Manual, click the link below:
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