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Paint Shop Pro and DesignaKnit
Paint Shop Pro and DesignaKnit
Serial Number: MBPSP
Paint Shop Pro and Designaknit by Michael Becker
Please note that Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PaintShop are two different software packages.
Use Paint Shop Pro's powerful graphic capabilities to capture, create and edit Designaknit stitch patterns! Designaknit has a basic editing system for graphics which works great, however, sometimes you make a major mistake or you want to make stitch patterns from graphics that are more complex and you want to be able to use more powerful tools than those in Designaknit. Enter Paint Shop Pro. If you have experience with Paint Shop Pro, you will know that it is capable of a number of useful graphics techniques that will help with Desigaknit patterns. Also learn how to Customize DAK's color palette to match your favorite yarn colors. Print out blocking and measurement diagrams from DAK. Learn a quick and easy method of importing stitch patterns into DAK bypassing Designaknit's import graphic feature and a whole lot more.

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