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Clover Double Crochet Hook
Clover Double Crochet Hook
Serial Number: 42-7xx
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Clover Double Crochet Hook - clover has produced double ended crochet hooks made from anodized aluminum. There is a different crochet hook size on each end. The size of the hooks is non-standard. That is, they are slightly larger or smaller than Clover's regular crochet hooks. The double crochet hook is usually found in the machine knitters tool box, rather than the hand crocheter's bag of tools. The double crochet hook is used to reform stitches rather than using the latch tool which can be troublesome as the latch catches in the stitches. Handy for picking up stitches and runs, it is also great for reforming stitches into garter stiches. It is also possible to repair garter stitches with this tool, however, it is a bit long for ease of use on the machine. Clover's double crochet hook comes in the following configurations.These are all smaller hooks suitable for machine knitting. Supply of these tools is very limited. From the pull-down menu, choose from the following:
2/0-3/0 or 2.0-2.3 mm
3/0-5/0 or 2.3-3.0 mm
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